S-39 : Tax Treatment for Multistate Businesses. Clean Energy and Energy Efficiency Funding.
Requires multi-state businesses to pay income taxes based on percentage of their sales in California. Dedicates revenues for five years to clean/efficient energy projects. Fiscal lmpact: Increased state revenues of$1 billion annually, with half of the revenues over the next five years spent on energy efficiency projects. Of the remaining revenues, a significant portion likely would be spent on schools.
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  • Forces out-of-state companies to pay their fair share of taxes and allows California businesses to compete on an even playing field.
  • Puts much-needed revenue into California's general fund, and invests in our clean energy future.
  • Closes a ridiculous corporate tax loophole WITHOUT adding to the tax burden of any individual or family.
  • Has been endorsed by newspapers and groups all across California (LA Times, SacBee, Contra Costa Times, Mercury News, La Opinion...).
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      • Stop making things harder for small businesses. Do we want jobs, or not?
      • Lowers incentives of corporate investment in California
      • Earmarking the revenues to clean energy is weird and totally unrelated to taxes for multi-state business.