S-34 : Death Penalty.
Repeals death penalty and replaces it with life imprisonment without possibility of parole. Applies retroactively to existing death sentences. Directs $100 million to law enforcement agencies for investigations of homicide and rape cases. Fiscal Impact: Ongoing state and county criminal justice savings of about $130 million annually within a few years, which could vary by tens of millions of dollars. One-time state costs of $1 00 million for local law enforcement grants.
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  • The neutral LAO Office reports that Prop. 34 will SAVE over 100 million dollars every year-Prop. 34 uses part of that money to solve crime.
  • Killing by the state is wrong and often applied unfairly.
  • yes, human should not decide he dies and who lives.
  • The death penalty is MORE EXPENSIVE than life in prison without the possibility of parole.
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      • Taxpayers should not have to pay for the housing and healthcare of these evil killers.
      • A lot of money is being spent.
      • This bill spends $100 million dollars of taxpayer money before they even know if or how much money will be saved.
      • Many death row inmates oppose Prop 34 bc it would limit their access to court-appointed lawyers for appeals.