A-31 : State Budget. State and Local Government.
Establishes two-year state budget. Sets rules for offsetting new expenditures, and Governor budget cuts in fiscal emergencies. Local governments can alter application of laws governing state-funded programs. Fiscal Impact: Decreased state sales tax revenues of $200 million annually, with corresponding increases of funding to local governments. Other, potentially more significant changes in state and local budgets, depending on future decisions by public officials.
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  • Improves citizen accessibility to state budget information.
  • State Government gets very little done adding costs but not value. Citizens have a more direct voiceto their issues in Local Government
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      • Writes 8,000 words into our state California Constitution, making it difficult to change/adapt to meet future needs.
      • Prop 31 will restrict the legislature
      • Allows local governments to pre-empt state laws, including on key health and human services, and worker and environmental protections.
      • Gives the Governor unilateral ability to make cuts--without hearings or legislative oversight.